Staging video

Producer's video is a small movie, so it goes through all the steps of a full movie creation. Remember cartoon "Movie, movie, movie"? We represent and warrant that it is the same with videos:

  • an original script writing , storyboarding;
  • cost estimation and agreement with the customer;
  • animatic development and agreement;
  • production team grouping;
  • actors and speakers casting;
  • location selection, training hall preparation;
  • post-production.

There are more than a dozen filmed commercials in the arsenal of Liberty Communications, we are experienced in every step of video creation process from creative idea to tapes delivery to TV channels.

Advertising clip for caviar TM Kamchadal

 Client: TM Kamchadal.Shooting commercial for caviar.


Video ad for frozen vegetables TM “Green Card”

The products of TM “Green Card” are positioned as qualitative, easy to prepare and saving useful properties after preparing and also as ones that have an excellent taste. It was necessary not only to transmit the qualities of the product, but also to allocate them among the food market.


Impaza – don’t need to visit the fortune teller. Video ad for the Impaza drug

Video ad for the Impaza medicine

“Impaza – don’t need to visit the fortune teller”. Video ad for the Impaza medicine.