Staging video Advertising clip for caviar TM Kamchadal

Advertising clip for caviar TM Kamchadal

 Client: TM Kamchadal. 

We proposed a script that won the tender, reflecting the philosophy of the brand "Kamchadal".

The main idea of the video is to underline traditionalism of the product manufacturing and the recipe permanence during many years. And it definitely aimed to show the product nicely and seductively.

Advertising clip for caviar TM Kamchadal
For the video production 35 mm film was used, which contributed to maximum rendition of the caviar structure. Real caviar was used for shooting, although it added some work to food-stylists, on the plus side it made the director and crew really happy. By far not every day one can see 20 kg of best quality red caviar on movie set. Who can boast of eating caviar with a big spoon from a barrel?!


Worked on the project:

Directed by: Alex Shaparev
Operator: Vladimir Shklyarevskii
Lighting Designer: Sergei Banderas
Produced by: Taras Bosak
Brand Manager: Irina Primack