In our production studio you can order an advertising idea, writing the script for the video, promotional video production, shooting video, writing soundtracks to the rollers and the voice acting, conducting photo shoots (in parallel with the movie), placing video advertising on the central and regional TV channels.

The process of video production can be divided into several components:


  • creation of the original script, a storyboard
  • create estimates of the production budget with the approval of the customer
  • the creation and adoption of the animatic
  • formation of a film crew
  • selection of actors to participate in the filming and sound clips for the speakers
  • location selection, preparation of the pavilion.
  • PPM (pre-prodaction meeting)


  • Film and Video
  • record audio support, record speakers
  • creation of graphics
  • adaptation of rollers


  • editing and mixing videos
  • making copies of essential

At your disposal a team of professional directors, cameramen, animators, etc.

According to the complexity and how to implement video advertising can be divided into

Animated commercials

  • Flash animated advertising vileo
  • Viderolikov with the use of "relaying"
  • Videos from the use of limited animation (12 frames vsek)
  • Videos from the use of classical animation (24 frames per second)
  • Videos from the use of 3d animation
  • Videos surround animation
  • Videos with the use of technology "stop moushin» (stop motion)


  • Low-budget movies. They are used for websites and online videos, sometimes for broadcast on television. The picture resembles news reports, general plans are clearly visible and not recommended for teybltopov. Equipment for the shooting - digital camera Cannon MARC 2 or Panasonic Full HD Camcorder
  • A mainstream movies. Juicy and bright picture is taken from a digital camera for many consumers a little different from the pictures, shot on film. You can remove both large and medium-sized plans and panorama.
  • Equipment for the shooting - digital camera RED One
  • Polnobyudzhetnye videos. Shooting on the film of 16 mm or 35 mm.n